Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Year Late and a Dollar Short

If you remember back that far- the "plan" last year was to leave for Maine in August--and that was a fantasy.  So we're on schedule-a year late but what's a year when you're cruising?   Getting back to North Carolina from Florida was an adventure.  Three days out in the Gulf Stream and during the night of day 2 its rought, the cat is puking and I am told that the house batteries are in danger of exploding--at 2am 120 miles out at sea.  It was amazing how quickly we carried those two 150lb batteries out to the stern.  We were ready to chuck them but they cooled down and Bill rewired the start batteries so that we could have things like navigation lights--important when you are out there in the shipping lanes.  All's well that ends well.  The next day was flat calm and we got back to NC without further excitement.

Always there are alot of repairs.  The batteries were old and we knew we had to get new ones, the crack in the deck had to be repaired and the shroud plate reinforced--I think it now can take a nuclear blast-- and the bottom needed painted.  That is finally all done and we are on our way to Maine-Finally!

Time to rest and enjoy a relaxing trip.  Its good to get out on the water again.  The Neuse River is calm and the thunderstorms last night cooled the air off nicely (we have been without air conditioning for the last couple of weeks).  A great beginning to a new adventure?

NOT!!!!   We have just discovered unexpected water on the floor.  Bill has looked under the sink and found the drinking water pipe is leaking.  Something else to fix.  He swears (both ways) there is something he has to fix on this %$@#&+! boat every day.  We have gone about 5 miles and we already have today's repair.  At least this one will be cheap.  Bill says he hates boats.