Friday, March 16, 2012

Snail Mail and Stormy Weather--But there is hope!

The original “plan” was to take a week or 2 here in George Town, reprovision, have mail sent to us then continue on with the truly adventurous part of our trip-south to Inagua. However, 5 weeks later, we are still here by a combination of our mail naivete and some typical spring weather--wind and squalls. We had a couple of really wild days of near 40mph winds where we had to stay in all day, but most of the time we have dealt with it. We've read alot of books--I'm pretty tired of reading about psychopaths and smart detectives but that seems to be what is available at the book exchange. We did discover Carl Hiassen books which are of that genre but delightfully twisted. I have taken up Yoga on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays and that has given me a reason to keep track of what day it is. I have made some friends and one day we decided to take a girls lunch out. So I drove the dingy across the harbor to town and we had a good lunch at the Peace and Plenty. The wind picked up during the day and by the time we were ready to go back there were nearly 2 foot seas in the harbor. Needless to say we got wet and my friends did a valiant job of bilge-pumping so we did not sink. The guys just shook their heads. For me it was like sampling at Crab Hole.

Snorkeling has been good here. Bill and I got one good day on the Exuma Sound side and found some nice coral reef but there are many shallow patch reefs in the Harbor that can be snorkeled in just about any weather. Last week someone asked if the ban on spearfishing in the harbor included lionfish. The harbormaster cleared spearfishing for lionfish so one night we had lionfish sandwiches for dinner. I have not seen too many here compared to other places though. We have seen some nice big lobsters but they all have good dens and we come back with only fire coral stings.

There are many hiking trails all over Stocking Island and I have hiked about all of them. The Sound-side beaches are beautiful and a nice mixture of rocks and sand. I have so many pictures of the beaches--they are different every day.

Many people get to Georgetown and stay the whole season or longer. There is a huge cruising community here (right now about 250 boats) and the town is happy to have our economic input. Every morning there is the Cruisers Net where activities are be announced and people can get together.

NEWS FLASH--THE MAIL HAS ARRIVED!!! We will be leaving tomorrow going south. We were going anyway and coming back here but now we can go on!!! So check the SPOT tomorrow we will be moving!